Bio: About Oooh a page all about me, this should appeal to my vanity…. I’m selfie obsessed twenty something who has just moved in with her boyfriend and is about to start a new job. Things are heating up, and I guess I just want this blog to give me some semblance of normality, a place to document everything that is going on; a refuge for when I feel the ground rock below me. Things about me: 1. I’m super fickle and have zero staying power,I would say that by the time you read this I’ll no doubt be on to some new project, but writing is about the only thing I’ve stuck too so fingers crossed I’m still here. 2. I’m studying Creative Writing, let’s hope I’m writing creatively 3. My home is in Northumberland, and I miss it dearly from my current Midlands abode. Although I abode with my fella, whom I couldn’t live without. Swings and roundabouts innit. 4. Somebody once said I was the most ghetto person at BookClub. I stand by this. I feel somewhat as though I’m filling in an online dating profile so I’ll stop now I think.

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