Something I didn’t know about broccoli!

Yesterday I visited my Grandmother, and, as I normally do I took her some flowers. The flowers I gave her though were like none I’d ever gifted before. This bunch of flowers was from my allotment. They were also actually, a bunch of broccoli. Say what?! I here you ask, a bunch of broccoli? Oh yes, because it turns out, if you don’t eat all of the purple sprouting broccoli, each little broccoli bit continues to grow and separate into tiny little buds which then turn into flowers. Oh em gee. It was amazing.


Granted they’re not glamorous, uber fancy flowers, but are rather more of the cottage, wild flower garden variety which I happen to love. They’re also yellow which suits me just fine because I love yellow flowers because they’re cheerful and bright. What’s more, they’re totally free. And unexpected. Another allotment surprise.

To be fair though, I reckon the broccoli has to have a second purpose after all we planted it about nine months ago! Not being funny but I could’ve had a baby in the time that plant took to grow edible goods. I feel like it’s flowers are a way of further extending its lifetime, all like “hey, I’m not just about the purple sprouting stuff you know”.


What’s nice is that it also helps to add a bit of colour to what is currently, sadly still a rather barren and empty plot. Yes the onions and garlic are in and are doing well, but we’re still an age away from the flourishing green foliage and colour of the summer, and so this little splodge of spring colour helps cheer things up a bit.



  1. I sowed some Purple Sprouting Broccoli last year and wow does it take a long time! Like you said you can have a baby in that time! Plus you don’t get much do you? I’m leaving mine now for the bees as they love the flowers! But I do love the flowers they are so pretty! Looking forward to reading more about your allotment! πŸ™‚

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