Chocolate Truffles

I am a Brownie Leader. ( Well, Leader in Training, but still). When I was a Brownie all those years ago, the leaders had traditional owl names. Brown Owl. Snowy Owl. Tawny Owl. It doesn’t really work that way any more, the Brownies, by which I mean a group of 25 hyper 7-11year olds get to chose the leader’s names. (Unless your a Brown Owl, then you have to be a Brown Owl). At my last Brownie unit I was Fluffy Owl, which kind of made sense as one week I’d worn a super cute, albeit fluffy jumper with an owl on. My new unit recently had to chose my name, and the end result, allow me to introduce myself: Awesome Owl. That’s right. Awesome Owl.

Any way, after this week I reckon I must be pretty awesome as I helped organise the craft for Mother’s Day. The decision had been made that we would make Chocolate Truffles with the girls, which would have been great, but I’ve given up Chocolate for lent and so the entire temptation I experienced- from buying eight huge chocolate bars, to melting the chocolatey goodness and mixing it with heavy whipped cream, was insane. Next level. Rolling balls of chocolate truffle and letting them cool in my fridge while I snacked on a measly carrot stick. Mate, I think you’ve got to be pretty awesome to power your way through that.

I have been told that the chocolates were super tasty, and considering how easy they were to make, even if they weren’t that good they’d still be worth it. Here’s the (as yet) untaste- tested recipe.


  • 100g Chocolate, broken up
  • 100ml, double cream.
  1. Put cream and chocolate in microwaveable bowl, and heat on normal for 30 seconds. Remove and stir well. Return to microwave for 30 seconds then whisk well until it all comes together and forms a shiny ganache.
  2. Pour into shallow dish and place in the freezer for approx 5 minutes, or until it starts to set. Remove from freezer and, using two teaspoons, form balls of chocolate. This should make about 10 truffles.
  3. Roll each truffle into a firm ball with the palms of your hands, and roll in a coating, I used sprinkles and cocoa powder.
  4. Place each truffle in a small paper case and place in fridge to set.

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