Potting Season

Last night was one of those lovely rare evenings that are wonderfully productive. Not only did I spend the first twenty minutes of my evening crashed on the sofa with my fella scrolling through our respective phones- which in many ways is the ultimate way to unwind after work, I then proceeded to whip up a banana loaf (sugar free of course what with lent and all that). I then prepared a Greek Salad and falafel for dinner before we headed out to the pub. Not before however we got started with our seed potting. It has begun. And, in my attempt to pay more attention and learn more, here is what we did.

Runner beans.: Fill small pot two thirds full with soil, place seed side on and cover with more soil. Lightly water.

Dwarf French Beans: Fill pot with soil, poke hole approx 2inches deep and drop in seed. Cover over. Lightly water.

Tomatoes: Fill pot with soil, sprinkle two seeds on the top then lightly cover with soil, Lightly water.

The seed trays are not sitting in the sun on our dining room table, where it is relatively warm and well lit. Should be good.

It felt so exciting to get seeds into soil and think about the fact that in not very long at all we’ll be planting out, turning over and spending all of our evenings on the plot. What with daffodils sprouting up along the roads and hot cross buns up for sale in the supermarkets, it really is starting to feel like spring.



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