It’s that time of year

I feel like we have reached allotment season. The nights are getting lighter, the weather is gradually getting a bit warmer and gardeners up and down the county are itching to come out of hibernation and get back to their plots. That’s certainly true of me and my fella, since we collected out seed order last month we’ve been avidly checking the forecast so we can predict when the best time to get down yo the allotment and start rotarvating will be.

We’veΒ purchased a Plum tree to accompany the old apply tree that sits at the end of the plot, my fella acquired a few raspberry canes and managed to prune and replant the lot. Herein lies my issue though. Granted, we only got our plot in May last year, as pretty much novices, yet going in to our second year I feel as ignorant as I did before. I’ve relied too much on my fella and not learnt as much as I should’ve. I hereby declare I will change this. I’m going to try and use this blog as a learning journal if you like, to record what I know, and what I’ve learnt.

I also want to take ownership of something, and want to feel like I’m doing something of my own, rather than always having to ask my fella for guidance. And so, much to his disgust I have acquiesced a portion of our plot to dedicate to my attempts at growing flowers. I don’t want to be ambitious- I don’t think I’m green fingered, but I’d like to be. And I’d like to fill my house with flowers that I’ve grown myself, just as we can fill our bellies with homegrown food.

Tonight marked the first night that I got my fingers dirty as we planted some shallots and checked on our purple sprouting broccoli. Divine, roll on the spring.



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