Sticking with it

I’vej just celebrated my anniversary of my first post of this blog. In my About I said

1. I’m super fickle and have zero staying power,I would say that by the time you read this I’ll no doubt be on to some new project, but writing is about the only thing I’ve stuck too so fingers crossed I’m still here

And yet here I am. still writing, still blogging, still publishing. And boy am I proud of myself. I’ve got more of an idea of what I want to blog about one year in. I didn’t start with a game plan, I just wanted to write, and I did write, about loads of different things, including poetry which is something I’ve not done in yonks, and is something I’m probably not going to do much more of.

I’m still writing random personal blogs; observations on this and that but more and more I’m writing more thematic posts on Food/ Recipes, Allotment and Books. I guess that’s natural though, as my interests change so does the focus of my writing, after all- you write about what you know. I just hope that people enjoy reading about those sorts of things. 🙂


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