Things I love.

Valentine’s Day this year was apparently dominated, in every sense, by a certain Mr Grey. It was literally all anyone was talking about on the TV, radio and social media. Even me and my fella couldn’t avoid discussing it and we were miles from anywhere in a cottage about as far removed from the red room as you can get. Chicken pie and sticky toffee pudding are hardly the prelude to a wild erotic night. No wonder we were in bed by 10pm. In bed asleep that is. One doesn’t exactly want her inner goddess going anywhere when there’s a serious food baby to nurse. This though, is how I’d much rather by spending Valentine’s Day, or any other day for that matter. The pretense, and OTT-ness of Hallmark holidays can over shadow the true meaning of days like V-Day, which in this case, is to be with the one you love, or at the very least the one you love to love. So then, in my pyjamas, drinking fancy champagne and eating a M&S dine in for two, in a teensy little cottage at the bottom of a valley was the perfect way to spend the weekend.

The best thing about the weekend was that it involved so many of the things I love

– cake (I made a seriously delicious chocolate Kahlua crunch cake, which was super tasty)


– the cottage (I’ve been visiting this cottage my entire life, it’s my home away from home home and it’s my haven)

– reading (I essentially devoured Goodbye to Berlin over the course of 24hours. Delightful.)


– walking (on the moors, with my boyfriend, along Froggart Edge, it wasn’t exactly Heathcliff and Cathy but I doubt that’s a bad thing)


– farm shop (the Chatsworth Farm Shop no less. Best cheese scones ever)

– Champagne (need I say more?)


– Spontaneous folk music in a ramshackle pub (best way to spend a Sunday afternoon)

-My fella. Obvs (Look at these beaut roses he got me)


Not long after we arrived on the Saturday everything threatened to go wrong: no hot showers, no sound on the DVDs, no butter for the muffins in the morning! Thankfully, everything seemed to get back on track and we rode out the weekend in style. Counting down the days til we can do it all again.


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