(Belated) Happy New Year

I know it might seem a bit passe wishing someone Happy New Year on the 2nd February, we are after all in to the second month of the year but for me this is the best time to start with all the good intentions and resolutions. I’m not the only one either, today is apparently the Queen’s first day back after the festive periodย too and if it’s good enough for Lizzie then it’s good enough for me.

I’d always planned to start my year late, you see, I was away over Christmas and new year was spent in France so there was no way on earth I was going to start avoiding cheese and booze when apres focuses around those two Gallic staples. Then, a week later after a mere five days at work, I had another ski-ing holiday, this time all inclusive five star, no way in hell I’ll be good, might as well embrace it. Three desserts a day kind of embracing. After that holiday I also had a weekend in Scotland planned; throw in a bit of illness and the temptation of Christmas chocolate filling the house the chances of getting into the thick of a fitness regime or adopting any new good habits were non existent.

Today ย though, I’m feeling healthy. My lumie lamp woke me up naturally early to do a bit of mindfullness and start a early morning workout. Plus I’ve just started my leadership training qualification at the Brownie unit I volunteer at, and my fella is starting a new job. 2nd February just feels like the start of a new year. January is ‘Dry’, empty and harsh. It’s filled with hungry people regretting all the money they spent over christmas and all the extra calories they consumed. They fight depression crawling out of bed for a run in the frosty mornings, still dark at 8am.ย February is filled with so much more promise and optimism. The mornings and evenings are lighter, there are exciting festivities to celebrate, like pancake day and Chinese New Year and of course Valentine Day. February has things to look forward to, and so my general attitude to life is much more positive. It also means that four weeks in to the new year I don’t already feel like a failure.

So then, happy new year. ๐Ÿ™‚


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