A Boyfriend for Christmas

Walks in the woods...
Walks in the woods…

Uh oh. BBC Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills has a theory that he is spouting at the moment after an interview he did with One Direction last week. He thinks that there are some people out there who just get in a relationship for the winter. It’s a tried and tested theory by the people that make those brilliant Christmas movies that play on repeat from 2nd November- in fact didn’t Melissa Joan Hart employ Slater from Saved by the Bell in a tv movie do that very same thing?

It gets a bit cold- you want someone to keep your hands warm. German Markets pop up in town- you need someone to drink beer with. Christmas is coming up- you want extra presents. You’re seeing every member of your family (and all your ex-boyfriends- you need to not look like a lonely unlovable weirdo.There are loads of reasons why it makes sense. October onwards is the perfect time to start dating as there is so much forced joy and festivity around that you’ve got to be a fool to want to be on your own at that time of year.

Matching Christmas jumpers!

In hindsight, I’m worried that this is what me and my fella were subconsciously thinking about a year ago. Last year our dates involved

  • Wintery walks in the woods followed by mulled cider in a country pub.
  • Firework and bonfire display complete with hipflask and ride on the waltzers
  • My birthday
  • Nights in watching Home Alone eating mince pies
  • Christmas tree and decoration shopping
  • German market double date with his bestie
  • Christmas festivities

These are all things we wanted to do separately but they are all things you can’t do alone. For example- its dangerous to walk alone in the woods, you sound like a loser ‘aw-ing’ to yourself as fireworks go off, you get less presents on your birthday if you’re single, it gets a bit Bridget Jones if you start stuffing your face while the Wet Bandits fall on their faces, you struggle under the weight of decision of decor colour and Christmas tree if you go shopping alone, you become a third wheel on  double date if you shown up alone and you’ve got no one to complain about your family to if you ain’t got a partner.

Fireworks baby

Ergo. Our modus operandai when dating last year was not to find true love but to ensure we weren’t going to be left having to kiss the hairy toothless bartender at midnight on New Year’s Eve. It could even be said that we eeked our relationship out to cover January- because everybody needs a ski-buddy, and Valentines Day (banishing all thoughts of ever being a spinster). When the seasons began to change though we didn’t feel the need to part ways on account of the fact- in true made for TV Christmas movie style- we’d only gone and fallen head over heels in love. (Aw).

But Scott Mills has definitely spooked me out a bit- I’m definitely looking forward to being with my fella knowing it means I’ll have someone’s hand to hold when I forget my gloves, and someone to eat the inevitably huge portions of stew autumn demands, but I wonder of our original intentions. I’m looking forward  to the autumn and the winter because I know I’ve got a boyfriend. At least he knows (and I know) we’re crazy in love and have successfully loved our way through the spring and the summer as well as the colder seasons.

Company for apres ski
Company for apres ski

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  1. I remember a New Year’s Eve in my 20s. My ex boyfriend was there. Ugh. But so were our mutual friends. We’d broken up a few months before. And at the stroke of midnight, two of my male friends kissed each of my cheeks. Probably the best kisses I’ve had since on New Year’s . . . 🙂


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