A bit spooked out

About a month ago my fella scared the shit out of me. We’d both needed to use the bathroom before bed. He raced up the stairs and beat me to it. Annoyed, I shouted to him that he could’ve at least left the bathroom light on. I pushed the door open. Pulled the wooden acorn on the end of the white cord and screamed, as he jumped out at me from inside the bathroom with an almight, terrifying “RARR”.

Needless to say I screamed like I’d never screamed before. But terror ricocheted through me and I attempted to stifle back the tears that were forcing there way down my cheeks. I lashed out of him and beat his chest as he cackled in hysterics. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I was shaky as I made my way to bed. I could barely bring myself to be comforted by him as his very presence set me on edge.

Then, two weeks later at the start of the month the story of The Black Eyed Child on Cannock Chase broke. Sightings had resumed of this mysterious and terrifying ghost that haunts our local AONB with her uncontrolled sobbing and coal pit eyes. My fella and I were discussing the phenomenon and googling pictures when we came across a picture which chilled me to the bone. My first thought was to tweet it,  but when my fella set about doing this from my phone I backtracked majorly and decided that I wanted no hand in circulating creepy images of ghosts. I asked him to delete it- the tweet, the photo- all evidence and set about shaking the image from my mind’s eye. Minutes later, thinking that he’d kindly, sympathetically done as I asked I picked up my phone for my ten minutely check of Instagram, only to freeze with fear, As the backlight on my phone lit up it illuminated the most awful, horrifying, terrifying image of the Black Eyed Girl, saved as the Home Screen. A momentary apparition was enough to send me over the end and I promptly burst into tears of fear. My mascara ran down my face and my nose began to run as I shook in utter distress. I sobbed uncontrollably as my fella tried to figure out the best reaction, alternating laughter with concern.


From then on, I have been freaked out. I’m scared of the dark. I’m filled with trepidation when going out at night. I’m freaked by reflections, night time driving and by going anywhere alone. I’m frightened to walk to the gym at 6am for gods sake as I’ve convinced myself that she’ll be standing down the alley at the end of the road.

It certainly doesn’t help that the new offices at work are in a creepy old building, home to the East Street Massacre* (apparently) and spitting distance from some very mysterious wooden coffins. I’m convinced the ladies bathrooms are haunted and I’m reluctant to work alone. Noises echo, strange things appear, doors seem to lead no where and the many corridors are line with empty rooms. I’m not the only one either, Jan* at work is so scared, she uses the disabled loo on the ground floor!

I tried to tell my fella that Halloween was cancelled but he has ignored me and has threatened to plan a final scare.

These are my boots-


I am genuinely quaking in them.

I used to be a rational person, realistic, brave, confident. Now my life is in tatters and I’m not sure how to get over this blip. One idea is to go as the Black Eyed Child for Halloween- to get inside her, embody her that sort of thing. The only problem is that I’m terrified of what might happen, I’m scared I will freak myself out by looking in mirrors or gloomy photos. I have never been this spooked out before. On edge. Nervous. Jittery. A mess. And every day there are new reports about sightings and stories on the Chase claiming to have seen her which in all honesty don’t help my temperament at all. Fingers crosses it’ll all blow over after Halloween. Eeeeek.


*Names changed to protect the innocent.


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