So Committed

Well that’s it, we’ve paid our rent and signed up for another year of allotting. Moreover we have handed in our seed catalogue that we spent an evening pouring over picking out our vegetables for next year. It all feels very old fashioned and traditional. I can imagine that for the decades that our allotment has been functioning people have been pottering down to the sunflower adorned building to put in their orders of potatoes and seeds for the upcoming season. Two old blokes scrawled us a receipt in a perforated book and ticked our name off a spreadsheet they didn’t quite understand the creation of. £25 is an absolutely bargain for the huge expanse of land we rent- and we only have half a plot. This season we turned over a third of the plot and have had such a good return. I have learnt more than I ever imagine about plants and bugs and soil. When my brother asked me what I wanted for Christmas my first suggestion was a wheelbarrow. What have I become?

We’ve got our overwintering onions in- neat rows of alternating red and white, and have planted garlic. Already things are in the ground ready for next year, we are so all over this allotment shit. The main thing we’re waiting on now is the pumpkin which is a special american giant kind, and is already looking pretty huge. It is my fella’s pride and joy and god help anyone who tries to nick off with it on Halloween. The clocks go back soon though and with the darkness creeping in earlier- not to mention the cold, our evenings down the allotment are numbered and it’ll be a case of stepping back and letting it take care of itself for a little while.

Getting an allotment was one of the best things I’ve ever done and I recommend it to everyone and here’s just a few reasons why…

1. Tasty veg
2. Actually growing something
3. Being outdoors
4. Quality time with my fella
5. Free stuff off friendly fellow allotmenters

Go forth fellow bloggers, go forth and grow….



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