Miss me?

Oh my goodness, my last post was 11th August. I have been slacking. I have been on something of a WordPress hiatus. But, no more. I’m back and ready to blog.

Not that there’s much excuse but in my defence I have been busy since I last posted. I’ve been settling into a new job (yes another one- two in six months wasn’t exactly what I was going for when I left Alzheimer’s Society in March but alas, there we go). I’ve had friends and family visiting (in actual fact I’ve had the complete set of all my bestest best friends and all my family members in the space of a month). And I’ve been on the coolest holiday ever with my fella (Berlin, Β Prague, Vienna, Venice, Florence and the Amalfi Coast in just over two weeks- divine). Those are three fairly legit reasons to have been absent from GinClass Hero….and now it’s time to talk about them in details, maybe not my friends and family so much but defos my holiday.

I’ve got plenty to write about then, and with autumn drawing in and work down the allotment winding down I should be blogging non stop for the foreseeable future. Now doesn’t that sound optimistic.

image image image


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