What Katie Made: Courgettes Part III

My fella loves chocolate cake and so when I told him I’d found a recipe that would not only make some headway into our courgette harvest that was full of chocolately goodness he instructed me from his horizontal perch on the sofa to ‘hurry up and make it’.

I adapted this brilliant recipe from NotJustGreenfingers by exchanging the vanilla for the zest and juice of one orange, and threw on a mound of tasty chocolate buttercream.



It is moist and delicious and huge- so I’ve stuck half in the freezer for a future cake emergency.

Today I braved a break in the weather for a mad dash down to the allotment to see what I could find in the way of additions to our Sunday Roast. I plumped for beetroot, which I roasted and glazed, courgettes which I put alongside allotment foraged potatoes to make a gratin and chard, which I roasted with olive oil and seasoning. It is the most exciting thing to be able to put together a meal out of things we’ve grown. I am still amazed every time I come home with new veg- no wonder it’s all I seem to blog about.




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