Allotment inspired interior design.

My fella and I have an issue with seating. Luckily we’re fairly unsociable loners who rarely have more than one person over at a time- unless it’s the summer in which case our garden furniture can cater for up to six people. The dining room has four chairs in, which is all well and good if only two people are coming for dinner but any more than that and we’d be struggling. A little while a go he spotted some discarded 70s style seating and popped two of them in the garage to be outed when we have guests. The issue doesn’t end there though, its terribly formal to have friends over for a get together and make them sit around a dining table for the duration. The alternative is to have them sat in a row, cosily squashed together on our two person couch.

I’ve got my four best friends from university coming to stay for the weekend soon, and in light of this we realised we needed to do something about the distinct lack of seating in our living room. Sofa- fine. Bean bag- great. Rug- alright. That still leaves a few people sat on the parquet or standing. Until… inspiration struck.


Last week when we were down visiting the very pretty allotment shop at our allotment I spotted some potato sacks for sale. You know, for storing potatoes in. We haven’t actually got a crop of potatoes this year on account of starting our planting super late, but they looked super cool and vintagey looking, and were an absolute steal. So I picked the prettiest three and brought them home to think of something to do with them. Idea numero uno- make a cushion. And not just any cushion. Turns out potato sacks (and coffee bean sacks- as ours actually were in their original incarnation) are exactly the same size as our vintage trunk that my fella and I picked up at an auction a little while ago. It had just been sitting there decoratively, but now it has purpose. It’s a super trendy vintage, antique, upcycled, homemade ottoman bench. It is now somewhere to sit.


It was super easy to make- I picked up some fabric from our local market and sewed an inner, which I then filled with the inside of an old duvet. Popped it in the sack, sewed it up and jobs a good’un. Perfect.



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