What Katie Made: Courgettes Part II

Today’s haul- 3rd August 2014

I actually think that our courgette’s have gone past being big courgettes, and are well and truly on their way to be being marrows. They are big, yellow, impressive looking vegetables, and this weekend were transformed through three different recipes.

Courgette Cheddar Bread
Courgette Cheddar Bread

The least successful creation was Courgette Bread. I found the recipe online- it involved sparse amounts of cheese and a dose of paprika. It wasn’t so good. The texture was weird and rubbery. It was a bit heavy and stodgy, and not in that hearty good way. It looked quite good… but I won’t be making it again.


We served the bread with a meal that is a bit of a brunch classic in our household. Huevos Rancheros. A super tasty Mexican breakfast that my fella makes every once in a while. He admitted this morning, that if he had a cafe, this would be a menu staple. It also is super easy to make, and luckily for us at the moment, one of the key ingredients is courgette. Perfect. You basically fry chorizo and onions, then add peppers and courgette, throw in some chillis and chopped tomatoes and reduce. Then poach some eggs on the top and enjoy. Utterly delicious- this is why I love my fella.


I am a fan of cake. A big fan of cake. And so making Courgette Cake was a bit of a no brainer. This is going to become a bit of a weekly thing I think- even if I just stock the freezer full of them. Courgette Cake sounds weird. People look at you sceptically when you offer them a slice, unconvinced that this vegetable can be transformed into a tasty cake. There’s actually a few recipes for Courgette Cake out there, and this one, with Apples and Raisins is one I first made last year when I acquired a giant courgette after hearing it was bound for the bin. It was good enough for me last year, and it’s good enough for me this year too…Β Below is the recipe, taken from my own collection of recipes with the date I originally made it- almost a whole year ago.




  1. I made courgette muffins and they had the same weird rubbery texture. There is hope it wasn’t just my cooking then! Will try that courgette cake though, that looks lovely. And the Huevos Rancheros looks yummy too. Thanks!


    • Aw glad it wasn’t just me with the weird courgette results. I saw another bread with mushrooms but I don’t think I’ll bother with it. I’ll have more courgette recipes to come so do keep an eye out! Let me know how you get on, Katie xx


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