I am a good girlfriend

I am a good girlfriend.

When I was away a few weeks ago my fella rang me up to declare he wanted pudding. What he thought I was going to do about getting him dessert from 200 miles away I’ll never know, but that’s men isn’t it?!
“There’s stuff in the cupboard babe” I told him, and I wasn’t lying. It’s full of biscuits and chocolate and sweets, admittedly most of them are half eaten packets, thrown back in to the cupboard because you know eating the whole packet of Oreos is outrageous, but if you leave the last three that’s perfectly reasonable.
“I don’t want four squares of fruit and nut! That’s not pudding”
Go to the shop, I gently suggested
“I want jelly and ice cream” oh brilliant, now I was going out with a seven year old (see here for the kite flying tantrum I faced soon after).
“We haven’t got any babe” I coaxed from several counties away, “why don’t you have some of that chocolate we’ve got left over from Christmas and Easter…?”
He was sulking. I waited. And then it came –  the New Rule: “I’ve decided that when one of us goes away we have to leave pudding for the other”
“What?!” I was incredulous
We hardly ever eat dessert. Maybe once a month we’ll have a cheesecake, and occasionally we might have some fruit and yogurt after dinner, but it certainly isn’t a regular occurrence.

“But we never eat dessert”
“Yeah but if I had pudding now I’d be less sad that you were away!”

Oh good. Now it’s my fault. When he goes away I sit at home and pretend not to obsess over whether he’s talking to girls and getting wasted. When I go away all he does is bemoan the lack of dessert worthy produce in our kitchen.

Alas no more. He has no reason to complain any more, as being the dutiful mug of a girlfriend that I am, I have made him cake. And froze it. And left it in the freezer for him to enjoy while I’m out of town. There is some leftover gin and tonic cake but mostly there are just a dozen cupcakes.


I mean, granted I am no doubt going to be in trouble when he realises that I’ve pretty much just left him one type of dessert, but it’s not like he clarified that I had to provide a different pudding every night. Anyway, I’ve left him some super tasty banana and raisin cupcakes. I used my standard banana loaf recipe and just modified the cooking time. Enjoy.




Banana and Raisin Cupcakes

125g butter

125g self raising flour

125g sugar

2 eggs

2 ripe bananas, mashed

handful of raisins

1. cream butter and sugar

2. add eggs

3. mix in flour

4. stir in bananas and raisins

5. divide into 12 cupcake cases

6. cook in preheated oven at 180c for 25mins



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