As if I just grew three courgettes!

Woohoo! Success. No disrespect to salad leaves, rocket, spinach and radishes but I feel like coming home from the allotment with three courgettes is the sign of a real achievement. People are, maybe not underwhelmed, but certainly not particularly ‘whelmed’ by salad growth. Children grow radishes in nursery. Lettuce crops up in window boxes. But courgettes, and yellow courgettes at that, are a real vegetable, one of those, kings of the garden that you can make entire meals out of. Today marks the start of a time of innovation: how many ways can Katie and her fella cook courgettes.


We’re starting off simple with a tasty chicken and roast veg pasta. It smells divine. It looks amazing. Colourful, healthy, hearty, summery and filling. Just what I need before a week away doing manual work in a Cathedral. I am actually buzzing. It is so exciting being able to tuck into something you’ve had a part in creating.



Only a few months ago, we had nothing but a seedling in a pot, and now, now we have a marvellous, generous thing of beauty. Having an allotment is amazing. True story.


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