Dating through movies.

Movies are safe ground. An easy talking point that everyone tends to have an opinion on. You can be proud of your own taste in films and not worry too much about causing major offence when you slag off someone else’s. No wonder then that they’re such a popular first date topic. Conversations that revolve around “whaaaaaat! How have you never seen TopGun?” Inevitably pave the way for future dates. Indeed, my fella insisted on popping my TopGun cherry on our second date. It’s a mutually beneficial process as you get to not only watch your favourite movies but (hopefully) get to see someone enjoying them for the first time. I’ll admit though,that, due to my dubious taste in films, the experience isn’t always a fair one. I forced one ex-boyfriend to watch a High School Musical instalment for every Die Hard film he made me watch. Even I can acknowledge that that’s not fair.

Fairly early on my fella and I started creating a list (we’re a couple that’s just that cool) of films we thought the other should watch. And so far, it’s been pretty decent.

Movies me and my fella have made each other watch:

1) TopGun (His)- the aforementioned second date. One of his favourite films. I enjoyed it. But obviously I said I did. It was our second date and I wanted to look cool. Now we’ll never know if I really enjoyed it or whether I was just too caught up in the notion of being on a second date to consider my own opinion.


2) 500 Days of Summer (Mine)- watching this movie almost broke his heart as he realised that his amazingly cool and original idea to have our third date in Ikea was not wholly original, and had in fact allowed me to reenact being Zooey Deschanel in the movie of my life. He hated it. He refers to it as that one with the architect. As if Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s career was the most significant thing that happened in those 97 minutes.

2) Back to the Future. 1,2 & 3 (His)- we binge watched all three in about 24hrs when I got hooked after watching the first one. Luckily they come in a boxset. He has a lego model of the Dolarian and I am a fan of anything to do with McFly. Total winner.



3) True Romance (Mine)- he was super reluctant to watch this (it does have ‘romance’ in the title after all) but I think the epic plot about drugs, guns and prostitutes, the amazing cast and shoot em up finale won him over. I’ve loved this film for years. I may have had to reassess my feelings should he have been negative about it.

4) Saving Private Ryan (His)- we watched this on a train coming home from a Valentine’s weekend in  Glasgow. Tears unashamedly steaming down my face from the start. We must’ve have looked like we’d had an argument when we changed trains at Crewe, both of us blotchy faced, sniffling and lost in a world of sadness.

5) Frozen. (Mine. Obvs)

Me: “Pleeeeaase can we watch it”

My fella: “NO”

Me: “Pretty pretty pleeeeeease”

My fella: “NO”

Me: “fine, I’ll watch it in my own”

Him, ten minutes later…. : “LET IT GO, LET IT GOOO”

Me: :-O

After great reluctance my fella has finally resigned himself to the fact that he blimmin loves this film. Barely a day goes by that he doesn’t sing a long. The soundtrack is top of his Christmas list.

6) The Shawshank Redemption.(His)- After much persuasion and convincing on his part I eventually conceded and agreed to watch. Another emotional roller coaster for me! I can’t even….

Still to come:

(My films)
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
The Notebook
Withnail and I
The Dead Poets Society

(His films)

Any and all of the 250 films to see before you die that I’ve not seen. Apparently I’m in for an education. 


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