An Office With a View

“Oh my god there’s a horse”
The office looked up, startled by the shout!! We downed our tools (if bic biros and dusty keyboards can be described as tools) and made for the window.

This you see is perhaps the best thing about my job, certainly it’s the best thing about our office. The vantage point that we have affords us weekly distractions from the boredom on our computer screens. The building itself is an ugly monstrosity that’s falling apart, grey pebbledash with creaky toilets that take an age to refill and kitchens that are reminiscent of a prison camp. But our desks sit by a huge window that stretches the length of the office, and looks out onto a negligible part of town. Opposite stands the Radisson Blu, the shiny green glass fronted beacon of a city centre hotel. It’s swish frontage fails to class up the area and only serves to make my works office block look even more dingy. The Radisson Blu is the hotel though where Z list celebs stay when they’re in town, and occasionally we’re drawn to the window to squint down at guitar laden boys to try and figure out who they are- googling who’s playing in town that night is usually the biggest clue. The x-factor tour arrived a little while ago and caused such a stir that my colleague felt the urge to run across the road for a selfie with one of the finalists. Occasionally we are treated to a full frontal view of an ageing bloke staring from his hotel room across the city. Cheap thrills.

The Radisson and the roundabout where it all went down....
The Radisson and the roundabout where it all went down….

The slightest thing can be enough to draw our tired gaze away from our Word documents and out across the vista that lies outside the window. Loud honking, police sirens or even, as it was this week, the presence of a horse on a roundabout. We were enthralled. How did it get there? Why? How long had it been there? Where had it come from? Was it on a lead? Was that bloke taking his horse for a walk? Who was that shady character he was shaking hands with? Had the horse just been sold? Or swapped for class a drugs? (It’s that kind of area :-/)

We watched out of intrigue and boredom. The horse was tiny, a white fluffy, unicorn esque creature and it was at the end of a red leash held by a white haired chap in a vest with a beer belly. We weren’t the only ones who’d noticed and from our vantage point fifty feet up could see pedestrians and motorists alike being bemused by this unusual site. The police were similarly intrigued, performing three loops of the roundabout before disappearing towards the city centre. Within minutes two PCSOs were sauntering up to the horse and it’s owner.

A quick google has suggested that ‘horse grazing’ was a common problem, but we couldn’t be sure this situation fell under that category, after all this pony was supervised, but it was causing a rather hazardous distraction. We watched with anticipation as the PCSOs struck up conversation, taking the lead off the gentleman “oh my god they’re seizing the horse”
They were, it seemed as one of the PCSOs took the lead and began to step back from the man. Alas, we needn’t of feared that his prized possession was being whisked away, they merely wanted it for a photo. The high vis vested support officers took turns posing with the pony, one attempting to capture the next natural geographic moment, on her knees in the grass. Definitely a profile picture. They soon lost interest, or found themselves called to more pressing matters and left the man and his horse to sit and continue to confuse and startle passing motorists and walkers. Eventually he too decided there was somewhere he needed to be and led his horse by the lead, down the steps, through the underpass and off to an unspecified location in Birmingham city centre. Our days entertainment as well and truly over.

I too have felt the urge to take a selfie with a horse...
I too have felt the urge to take a selfie with a horse…


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