Piquing my interest in Taiwan

Things that piqued my interest

1) the dustbin men play music as they drive round the streets to collect the rubbish. When you hear the tinkly music skin to that of an ice cream truck it’s time to take out the trash. This does lead to the occasional build up from students and workers who are never at home when they call, but I was reassured that problems are normally solved without too much consternation.

2) the amount of cereal I was given with meals that weren’t breakfast. In fact cereal wasn’t a breakfast option at all, with Cesar salad though? Sure throw in some Frosties! And Ramen noodles? Better have some rice crispies with that!

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3) people add years to their age before their birthday has arrived. It’s all to do with the lunar calendar and the Chinese New Year and things, but it confused the hell out of me when a girl told me that her date of birth was 28/05/14 and that she was 29years old. I looked at her, cocked my head, thinking perhaps shed mixed up her English. “You mean twenty eight?” I asked, “no” she nodded confidently, “twenty nine”. “But it’s not been your birthday yet though”, “yes but it is the new year, so we say twenty nine” she went on to continue, “some people think that nine is unlucky, so they might say thirty”. I gawped. Shocked at the fact anyone would willing add years on, my fella turns twenty nine at the end of this month and I know he’s in no hurry to boost his age.

4) the face mask selection. The Asian market is clearly awash with items you can wear to cover your mouth; literally very type of style and design. Different fabrics- I just wasn’t prepared for a department store to have an entire section dedicated to this niche product. I was continually surprised after witnessing this almighty array then that, most people still favour the old favourite surgical style number in a pale green or blue. Perhaps that’s just this seasons look though.


5) You know when you go to the fair, or the carnival and you play hook a duck, and you fish for a big yellow plastic monstrostity that’s going round in a circle, only to be awarded a hideous cuddly toy? In Taiwan when you play this game, you do it fish. Real fish. Or prawns. Or tiny baby turtles. And then (at least with the prawns) your prize- catch of the day, cooked right before your very eyes.





    • I didn’t get too 101, cityscapes aren’t really my thing but your post does make me think that maybe I missed out. I’ll be publishing a post soon about what I got up to on the couple of days off I had. Glad you liked the list. πŸ™‚


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