The New Commute

So ends my first four weeks of my new job. And I’m fairly settled and fairly well adjusted. The thing that I’m really enjoying getting to grips with though is being a commuter.

I’ve just about worked out what time I need to leave the house- a little earlier on Mondays so I can buy my weekly train pass: I’m on my way to perfecting the stoop and swish so I can pick up my copy of The Metro in the most efficient and cool way possible: I know where to stand on the platform so I can get straight on to a carriage that will open near the stairs at the other end. Don’t mock me, there’s not many ways to be stimulated getting the same train every day and the satisfaction of timely exits makes me happy.

I am now, 21 days later used to wearing my trainers everyday, no matter what I’m wearing. Skirts, dresses, trousers; what ever the outfit I’ll be seen sporting footwear that had previously only been seen in the gym. It’s not a good look. No matter how many times my fella tries to convince me I look cool, I know the truth. I look ridiculous. Now though at least I don’t feel ridiculous. In fact I feel confident and slightly superior in my comfy footwear. Oh yeah, my arches are supported, the soles are cushioned; my heels are safely ensconced. This is how one should walk to work. I keep a pair of ballet flats in the office and just pop them on when I arrive. They’re a dark purple and are plain enough to go with most of the things I wear. Doesn’t really matter anyway, I’m only in the office. The thing I like most though is when I see another woman, in her suit, briefcase in hand, smart top knot hairsprayed into place, also sporting a pair of Nike’s. Somehow we always make eye contact and share a knowing look.

I like the solidarity and regularity that comes with commuting. Seeing the same people everyday; being able to tell if I’m early or late depending on the place I pass the man with the fold up bike. I like routine. It’s lame but it’s true. And a big part of being a commuter is being able to stick to routine. Although I may start mixing it up a little, taking my bike rather than walking- a whole new world might be opened up to me. I won’t ask you to watch this space as I’ll look even more ridiculous with the addition of a helmet!



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