This is the story of a girl named Roo

Who wore nice dresses in pink and blue

She lived her life not having a clue

With no idea of what to do

She got confused, got in a stew

Biting off more than she could chew

Was she up the creek in a paddeless canoe?

It had gone so crazy, a hullabaloo

And things had gone all askew

As she woke up with a new tattoo

And a broken arm from doing kung fu

So to those old friends she bid adieu

And from that place, she withdrew

To rest up and review

Her life she needed to renew

Needed new ambitions to pursue

Good goals to aim for and see through

So into the future she rightly flew

Until she reached a point a new

Made of long tall grass and bamboo

She relaxed and watched the peaceful view

and made her home in Timbuktu.


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