Starting Over. Again.

In February 2013 I left the comfy, familiar surroundings of the home I’d grown up in and my weekly Β£56 handouts from the JobCentre, to shack up with my 81 year old Grandma in the Midlands and get, a mere two years after graduating university; a job. I entered the world of the nine to five, I got a new car, I moved into a house share, I met new people. Compared to the previous nine months in which I’d been broke, living with my parents and unemployed, hanging out in the places I’d been when I was 17, I honestly thought I’d made it. My life had dramatically improved. Dramatically. I kinda thought I’d lucked out for the next few years. How wrong I was. As February 2014 drew to a close, I found myself with a new job; having made (what will hopefully be) a strategic career move, and living in yet another new town, this time with my boyfriend. Moving on, falling in love. Starting my life over. Again.

Moving On

I know I’m a fickle creature, but it’s been circumstance that’s driven me to the rapid changes I’ve made since uni. A few months here, a few months there; I’ve been looking for a security, a stability that I think I might have found. For now at least, before I long for the coast, or the northern counties again. My home at the moment is a two bed terrace house just out of the town centre. It’s only a short walk to the train station, and we’re literally two minutes from the gym and the shops. Perfect kinda spot to hunker down for a little while and get comfy. Especially seeing as though I’ve got someone to get comfy with.

Now, well not now, maybe in a few weeks when I’ve started my new job; will be the time to find new projects, new people, new hobbies. I don’t know anyone in Stafford. All I do is go to the gym. Not that I’ll leave my old life behind; oh no, I’ll still go to my old BookClub, I’ll still do my course at the college forty minutes away, I’ll still visit my Grandma. But it’ll be worth seeing if this is a place I can have a life and not just live.

dog walk



  1. Your post here hit home. I too have been looking for “what’s next” after uni… Now I know I am not alone, for this is the troubling feeling that lurks in the middle of the night — aloneness, somehow different from loneliness. Thank You for sharing this part of your life. You have inspired me, challenged me to write about my changes and loose questions about the future, the move, the new life with a new love, and a search for who I am now and where I am now. Thank You!!


    • It’s a tough time. The ‘post uni’ phase can just feel like it’s going on and on. There’s so much fun to be had though. If only if weren’t so scary. And if it is, there’s always the option of going back…doing a masters….a phd….. πŸ™‚


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